On the vindictiveness and greed of women during divorce and why this behaviour is supported by the legal industry, business and government.

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  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman
  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman
  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman
  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman
  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman
  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman
  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman
  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman
  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman
  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman
  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman
  • services sprite Family   Divorce and the Toxic Woman

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25 Responses to “Family – Divorce and the Toxic Woman”

  1. oralyon says:

    @ManSpeakOut I agree actually, I realised it was a dumb question somewhat after posting it.

  2. SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

    Almost every major politician in the US is a lawyer. They make the laws. These laws benefit LAWYERS. Especially divorce laws! Think about it. NEVER GET MARRIED! EVER, FOR ANY REASON! MARRIAGE HAS NO BENEFIT TO A MAN!!!

  3. L2pMetalfan says:

    funny thing about divorce that men often takes a small amount of money for food and a plane ticket to thailand and live with a young misteress wantig more stuff. And the man is happy to oblige because after being screw in the ass with a 18inch strap on by your wifes lawyer you dont give a shit anymore.

  4. jenlinc2006 says:

    Silly. Divorces overwhelmingly make women poorer and men wealthier. This movie itself is a myth. The only assets available for division were created during the marriage.
    -American lawyer

  5. UltimateGoalOfLife says:

    My conclusion in my book The Ultimate Goal of Life men and women should never date a married or single parent no matter what the excuses are. Considering men are disposable that is exactly what is happening and men are helping criminalizing parents and child alienations. Men and fathers are not disposable and men and women choice to avoid a relation with a married or a parent encourages further discrimination against the family and alienation of children.

  6. LookingGlassStudio says:

    Class War

    British Imperialsm is enslavement for all whom touch such a wicked beast of elitist perversion and betrayal against that which is life and good.

    This train-wreck is like to a gender-feminist, 1984-Orwellian nightmare.

    Q: How would psychotic elitists rule over the polulace?
    A: Socially, legally, educationally and yes, chemically castrate males (see Bisphenol A), appeal to the lust slunt within females and farm the children under Big Brother fascism.

  7. DesertLaser says:

    My four step program to avoiding ALL MRA related issues in life:
    (I instinctively knew these before puberty)

    1. Don’t get married. (I’m an atheist, marriage to me is irrelevant)
    2. Don’t reproduce.
    3. Don’t legally link assets to another person.
    4. Date “UP”, meaning, only date women that are established professionally in life and have a sense of self that is not based on reproduction or marriage.

  8. DesertLaser says:



    If you have TFL/MRA related issues, it is simply natural selection playing out in modern society. I’ll be 45 soon, and I’ve never experienced a TFL/MRA issue.
    I’ve spanned the economic spectrum from homelessness to comfort, and never been in a volatile relationship. I’m not very attractive.

    TFL/MRA, wow, (shaking head with face palm)

    Follow my four step program, and you’ll have a great life.
    I’m out.

  9. rachaelpachel says:

    As a woman about to go through divorce to a man who is willing to be supportive and involved with his children, I choose to be appreciative. For my childrens sake I have no desire to make his world miserable, nor will I make him regret supporting us by taking advantage of or abusing a system that is tipped in my favor. Just saying.

  10. PowerThroughStrength says:

    @rachaelpachel I read you’re blog on this and just wanted to say just because you’re an exception to the rule doesn’t disprove it (nor am I implying that you said it disproves it but I digress). You will be friends with women like you so it doesn’t surprise me that you’re friends aren’t like that either. But let’s be honest here, every woman is going to say she’s not like that. We don’t need to touch on deadbeat dads because we’ve heard that for the nearly the last half century.

  11. PowerThroughStrength says:

    @rachaelpachel And even there were no women like the ones painted on here the fact that the system is biased at all is bullshit. The fact that they even have the option to behave this way is an injustice in itself.

  12. PowerThroughStrength says:

    @rachaelpachel Wow major typing fail at the end of my first comment. Meant to type “we don’t need to touch on deadbeat dads because we’ve heard that story for nearly half a century.”

  13. manwomanmyth says:

    @PowerThroughStrength Absolutely. It’s about a woman’s ability to CHOOSE how toxic she wishes to be. The infrastructure is there to encourage her malice, however far she wants to go.
    You’re also correct about deadbeat-dad-overload. Is it even possible for a woman to discuss the evident toxicity of women in divorce without attempting to soften it with tired references to the grossly exaggerated and misrepresented phenomenon of irresponsible fathers?
    See my film “Irresponsible Mothers” due soon.

  14. rachaelpachel says:

    @PowerThroughStrength I’m glad you know I wasn’t trying to disprove anything, I understand your rants. I only mention deadbeat dad’s in my blog because women read it too, remember, I am addressing them as well. I feel it is wise to show that I see all sides of a picture and honour all perspectives, this works to open the lines of communication. Surely you must know how self serving some women are, if you don’t acknowledge their point of view, they wont even try to open up to see yours.

  15. rachaelpachel says:

    @PowerThroughStrength I totally agree with you the system is BS. This is a far too litigious society with innocent victims at the bottom of it, that is the real tragidy. I wish it would change.

  16. PowerThroughStrength says:

    @rachaelpachel If they are self serving I don’t want to hear their point of view anyway. They will only agree with what benefits them so it really doesn’t matter how we present it. If they can’t see past the brusque wording and not see the truth in what we say then we sure as hell won’t get them to agree with kind words of diplomacy. You don’t win a war by winning a battle then shooting your own troops and then saying it’s ” balanced” (You didn’t say that but that’s the most common theme I hear)

  17. PowerThroughStrength says:

    @rachaelpachel I understand you’re targeting females. I’m explaining the reasons for the directness in our views (you seemed to show disdain for it in your blog).

  18. rachaelpachel says:

    @PowerThroughStrength that’s one of the problems here, everyone is on the defensive. There is no contempt or scorn in my post anywhere, I said I was sad that you felt that way, and I also expressed empathy, and even ventured that you were justified in many cases. This was clear to all who read it on my facebook, and it started a lenghty discussion between rational men and women. I heard from friends going through this very thing who were feeling beat up, writing to thank me for my views.

  19. JAKETHEGREAT11100 says:

    women wonder why men have sex with them and then never call them again. do they truly deserve the phone call? its a fucking shame that my government makes marriage so scary for men. i would like to get married but i truly feel like i cant. thats pathetic. sometimes i wish i could just burn this mother fucker down. start over again.

  20. jimbo525SE says:

    @rachaelpachel So youre a woman who agrees with mens issues is available……I like the sound of this.

  21. ManSpeakOut says:

    When any person or persons, and organization gains a lot of power and special privileges, corruption and abuse of those powers are sure to follow.

    Look at every single area where corruption is taking place. Usually the culprit behind it is someone with lots of power and privileges.

    Politics for example, we all know how crooked that is.

    Women also have access to power and special privileges, and naturally some women go corrupt and abuse those powers for their own gain.

  22. ManSpeakOut says:

    The government is never going to fix this on their own, why destroy the printing press that is printing their money? What should be done is figure out a way to make misandry no longer a profitable industry, and when the money stops the government will surely stop this crazy charade.

  23. Truth0rDeath says:

    I’d like to share some personal info with you… My mother is a business type woman. She divorced my father when I was very young… She remarried to a business type man that later cheated on her. Finally she married an unemployed, alcoholic, handy man who stands to get spousal support for the rest of his life because she was the breadwinner for the majority of their marriage, should they divorce.

    I have mixed feelings about that…

  24. mrbrianmccarthy says:

    Every man needs to watch this—–

  25. mrbrianmccarthy says:

    @manwomanmyth You are performing a GREAT SERVICE here my friend.

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